User's Guide To The Facilities Services Internet Service Desk (iSD)

A work request is a request for service that is submitted to Facilities Services through iSD. Facilities Services then reviews the request to assure that all pertinent information is included.

If the request is accepted as a work order, a work order number is assigned and the work order is routed to the appropriate trade for action.

The requester will receive an email notification indicating whether the request is accepted or rejected. If the request is accepted, the email will include the work order number. If the request is rejected, the email will include the reason for rejection. The requester can contact Facilities Services at x6253 or x6254 for additional information.

This user's guide is designed to assist the customer in using iSD, and is divided into these sections:

-Submitting a Work Request

-Querying a Work Request

-Querying a Work Order

-Searching by Number (Work Request or Work Order)