Querying a Work Request
Note: Use this process if the work request number is unknown. If the work request number is known, use the Search by Number option.

To review a request and see if it has been accepted, go to "Work Request" on the left side of your screen and click on "Query Request". The following dialog box will appear:

Click the drop-down arrow to select a campus. Highlight the desired campus by clicking on it and then press the arrow button to the right. You will then be prompted by the Search Criteria window:

Click the "Building" down arrow and scroll through the building list to find the desired building. Highlight it by clicking on it.

The Start Date and End Date will default using a one-month window based on the current date as the End Date. The dates can be changed by typing the desired date in either field or by clicking on the calendar button to the right of either date field.

The Repair Center field will default to "Facilities Services". Press the arrow button to the right to continue. A Request List will appear similar to this:

This list identifies the status and status date of a work request. The request number is a link that can be used to view details of the request. Clicking on the request number will provide the following view:

Please record your request number for future reference. To submit another request, search for a previous request or work order, or to order consumable supplies, please click on the iServiceDesk home page

If the work request has been accepted, the accepted date and work order number will be noted on this view. The work order number is an active link. Clicking on it will provide a work order view. (See Query Work Order for more details.) If the work request has been rejected, the date and reason will be noted on this view.

Note: The requester will receive an email notification indicating whether the request is accepted or rejected. If the request is accepted, the email will include the work order number. If the request is rejected, the email will include the reason for rejection. The requester can Facilities Services x6253 or x6254 for assistance.