Querying a Work Order

Note: Use this process if the work order number is unknown. If the work order number is known, use the Search by Number option.

To query a work order, go to "Work Order" on the left side of your screen and click on "Query a Work Order". The following dialog box will appear:

Click the drop-down arrow to select a campus. Highlight the desired campus by clicking on it. Click on the arrow to the right to continue. You will then be prompted by the Search Criteria window:

Use the drop-down list to select the building and department.

The Start Date and End Date will default using a one-month window based on the current date as the End Date. The dates can be changed by typing the desired date in either field or by clicking on the calendar button to the right of either date field.

Click one of the three radio buttons to select work order status.

The Repair Center field will default to "Facilities Services".

When ready for submission, your query should appear similar to this:

Press on the right arrow to continue. The following screen will result, listing all work orders within the parameters selected:

The work order number is an active link. Clicking on it will provide a work order view as shown below:

Click on "print page" in the upper right corner if you want a paper copy of your request. Click on "view charges" to go to the detail of any charges accumulated to date. The view will appear similar to below.